NEW YORK, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, today released its Consumers Commerce 2020 Coronavirus Trends Report, showcasing findings from a global survey that examines the changing behaviors, priorities, and shopping trends of consumers in the US, UK, and Canada since they have been encouraged to self-isolate or asked to shelter-in-place.

David vs. Goliath in the Battle for Consumer Loyalty
At the time the survey was conducted, 65% of shoppers using Amazon said they couldn’t get everything (32.75%) or anything (32.25%) they really needed from the retailer. Less than a week later, it was reported that Amazon Prime delays reached the one-month mark, leaving consumers scrambling to find other online options to get the essentials they need.

“Amazon’s relationship with consumers is just one of speed and convenience and lacks human connection or community. Now only Prime members

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