As the end of the year
approaches, we can see a frenzy building up with retailer and many other
businesses to woo customers Festivities and holiday is a golden opportunity for
businesses to push for their products and services. While December is a golden
goose for US and UK markets, India witnesses record breaking sales in the month
of October and November. Regardless, as marketers and entrepreneurs, we all need
to up our game ahead of the festive season.

The Unique
Benefits Offered by SMS Marketing during the Festive Season

At the risk of
sounding repetitive, I would like to make the fact known that SMSs enjoy a
whopping 98% of open rate. Given all the marketing doorways available for an
organization, it is needless to say that SMSs offer the maximum penetration and
visibility for brands. Since SMSs are so much intimate and directly reach
users, the same are preferred

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