Why SMS Is Still Marketers Best Bet This Christmas

Deciding on the marketing campaign channel in today’s fast-tracked and competitive world is a big task. While, the thought process of deciding the right path takes its own time, we still run a risk of trial and errors. Besides, there is always that conflict in deciding the choice of the platform to carry out the marketing campaign. Of course, with good reasoning, one may want to decide in the favor of digital media, owing to its increasing penetration amidst our lives. At the risk of appearing as a traditionalist, I would still vouch for the good old SMS texts, given its ubiquitous reach. 

Yes, email and social media marketing offer brands with strategic reach. However, since we are gearing up for Christmas, just think about the number of times you

Article source: http://www.cxotoday.com/story/why-sms-is-still-marketers-best-bet-this-christmas/

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