Love him or hate him, you can’t escape or deny the power of Shah Rukh “King” Khan.

Over the last two decades, he has slowly morphed into a superstar and a magician of a marketer.

As an actor and a brand, he has penetrated the lives of billions of people in South Asia and all over the world; sometimes as Raj, sometimes as Rahul, and more recently as Raees.

Perhaps that is why, in spite of embodying more than 80 different avatars, he has become the most recognisable actor in the world.

Khan is an actor, but many would opine that he is a better marketer.

It’s like a cricketer who joins the team because he was is an average bowler, but turns out to be a stellar batsman.

However, with great popularity comes great criticism and Khan is indeed one of the most polarising celebrities to come out of Bollywood.

People either love him or hate

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