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Sales TextChat, a new automotive B2C SMS mobile communication solution has officially been launched by a B2C communication agency. The software allows two-way communication between businesses and clients, including pictures, videos and documents, with improved engagement rates over other B2C communication methods.

Web Chat Vs Text Chat B2C SMS Communication  Mobile Marketing Software Launched

A company specializing in B2C (business-to-clients) communication software, has launched a new auto dealership B2C SMS marketing service called Sales TextChat.

More information is available at http://smsmoneymaker.com.

A considerable number of business have a system of communication with their clients, either through traditional phone calls or e-mails, or other forms of web services.

While these may be effective in certain

Article source: http://satprnews.com/2016/11/29/web-chat-vs-text-chat-b2c-sms-communication-mobile-marketing-software-launched/

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