Workers waste a lot of time and money commuting to the office.

That’s a given. But what’s interesting are the number of dollars — and hours — we do fritter away.

If we workers in Oklahoma City worked from our homes versus our offices, we’d save up to $389 annually on gas; $194 as part-time telecommuters.

That’s according to a recent study by SimpleTexting of average commute times and gas prices.

Perhaps most importantly, Oklahoma City workers would save 182.87 hours a year — three and a half hours a week — if we skipped going to the office altogether. Telecommuting is the future anyhow, according to other analysis.

Per Miami-based SimpleTexting, an SMS marketing platform, gas and time savings would be slightly lower for Tulsa versus Oklahoma City workers. Tulsans would save up to $371 annually and about three hours a week.

Not surprisingly, workers in New York City have the most to gain through

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