We live in an age where most messages (email and phone calls) are routinely screened and ignored by consumers. According to Mobile Marketing Watch however, text messages enjoy an almost 100 % open rate, creating an opportunity for high-level revenue generation.

SMS marketing represents a real opportunity for marketers. Unfortunately, a text message with no recipients makes as much an impact as a shop with no goods. This is where building a successful SMS marketing plan can reap vast benefits.

Sending a SMS implies it is high priority and likely to be read. When someone gives you their permission to text them, you are entering their circle of trust/opt in. Marketers can facilitate this trust by providing value to their SMS subscribers, following SMS marketing regulations, and openly disclosing to subscribers how their information will be used. In a PwC study, 80 percent of respondents said they were

Article source: https://bdaily.co.uk/articles/2017/06/30/tips-on-crafting-a-valuable-retail-sms-marketing-campaign

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