Five years ago, Zak Normandin started selling a sleek, pricey, low-calorie beverage called Dirty Lemon via text message. Now, Dirty Lemon is growing up.

Since Normandin launched the drink in 2015 he’s expanded the company, rebranding it as Iris Nova and adding other beverages to its portfolio. And soon, Dirty Lemon will make the ultimate jump into the mainstream: It will be available at Walmart — something of a sea change for the company.

Selling at Walmart is “different than the way that we’ve historically sold Dirty Lemon,” Normandin told CNN Business. But, he said, at this point working with retailers is “the only way forward.”

Dirty Lemon isn’t the kind of product you’d expect to find at a Walmart, known for its bargain-basement prices. A one-time online purchase of six Dirty Lemon bottles costs $65, or about $10.83 per bottle. The product will be less expensive at Walmart.

Iris Nova sells about a

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