Welcome to TechieBytes episode 54 titled The future of marketing is all about AI (feat. RJ Talyor)

Today we’re speaking with RJ Talyor, Founder CEO at Pattern89. We discuss how RJ helped pioneer the concept of SMS marketing in 2002, his time as VP of Messaging Products at Salesforce, and how what he’s building at Pattern89 is changing marketing for brands like Fabletics, LIDS, Finish Line, and more! Enjoy!

RJ’s career started at ExactTarget, where he was the mastermind behind the company’s mobile strategy. He would eventually create the concept of SMS marketing in 2002, leading to Bank of America to sending its first SMS text. His leadership was instrumental when Salesforce later acquired ExactTarget for $2.5 billion in 2013, where he would become the vice president of mobile products for the company.

A couple years later, he wanted to take his knowledge on marketing, social media and

Article source: https://www.besttechie.com/the-future-of-marketing-is-all-about-ai-feat-rj-talyor/

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