FORT COLLINS., Colo., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Marketing 360® recently announced their 2020 platform metrics, which showed a total of 51,273,308 emails sent by SMBs through the nurture tool within the platform. 

The Nurture tool within the Marketing 360 platform incorporates both email marketing and SMS text message marketing, and gives SMBs an effortless way to nurture leads and customers. With a huge library of already designed, fully customizable email templates specific to industry and easy-to-use design tools, creating email campaigns is a breeze. Furthermore, the tool allows for seamless automation so that SMBs are sending the right message to the right lead, customer, or contact at the right time.

“The Nurture tool within the Marketing 360 platform has clearly been a game changer for our SMB clients,” said Marketing 360 CMO, Jerry Kelly. “With over 51 million emails sent in 2020, it’s clear that business owners are

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