Pompano Beach, FL, USA – Promero announced today the launch of its SMS Marketing Services. SMS Marketing Services is one of a kind fully integrated cloud based outbound SMS and voice messaging platform that incorporates artificial intelligent Google Assistant BOT, advanced call routing to live agents and full service digital marketing services.

SMS Marketing Services provides everything you need to solve four common business problems:

• First, the ability to collect customer contact information and then to instantly text, email or send voice messages (for example send coupon, alerts, advisories, appointment reminders, ecards and more) to a large distribution list.

• Second, the ability for a customer to receive instant responses to questions by speaking with an artificial intelligent BOT.

• Third, if the customer wishes to speak to a live agent for any reason, the platform delivers a written transcript of the text or voice communication to an available agent in real-time. This

Article source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4557405

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