A company called Voodoo SMS has abandoned plans for a move to new rented premises – because the landlord objects to the name.

The SMS (social media services) marketing firm said its planned move to Independence House at Holly Bank Road in Lindley collapsed following three months of talks after the landlord’s solicitors emailed the firm saying the landlord was “not comfortable with” its trading name – and that the term “Voodoo” was not to be displayed “anywhere on any part of the property so as to be visible from the outside of the property.”

Voodoo SMS said it had given notice on its premises at Turnbridge Mills on Quay Street expecting to move to Independence House – but had to arrange to take alternative space at the mill building after the move fell through.

Gareth Davies, managing director of Voodoo SMS, branded the situation “unbelievable”, adding: “For the record, we do not

Article source: http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/business/firm-called-voodoo-row-over-13694382

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