“It’s definitely different this year,” said Katya Constantine, CEO of performance marketing agency Digishop Girl, adding that roughly 70% of her clients now use SMS marketing. “Paid digital is becoming more expensive and brands are looking for new ways to reach customers without paying as much. There’s also a lot of noise in email and not as much engagement. SMS offers a place to reach customers that isn’t as busy.”

Some startups have been taking advantage of texting as an acquisition channel for the last year. Others have been preparing for the holiday competition and prepping texting strategies. In recent months, some startups have made building out their texting lists a priority, according to media buyers, running giveaways to gather customer phone numbers ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This week, those start ups will use those lists to tout their deals over text as well as email;

Article source: https://digiday.com/marketing/email-has-become-so-cluttered-why-dtc-brands-plan-to-use-texting-for-black-friday-and-cyber-monday-this-year/

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