Rational 360 is hiring a Digital Fellow to support its digital marketing, public affairs, advocacy and fundraising team. Interested applicants should send a cover letter (not to exceed 400 words) and resume, to info@rational360.com. An interview, references and a writing test will be requested of finalists.

Rational 360 represents a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to trade associations, advocacy groups, and high-profile individuals. Interns play an integral role in the daily functioning of the firm. Visit www.Rational360.com for more information.

Job Requirements

  • Daily monitoring of client advocacy campaigns, including online advertising, email and SMS marketing, and social media.
  • Monitoring of trending social media conversations for reporting and to note timely opportunities for client participation
  • Execution of daily content across various online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email marketing campaigns
  • Assistance with websites and newsletter content for various clients


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