Like a handful of companies thrust into the CDP category, Simon Data predates the acronym’s hype.

Simon Data co-founder and CEO Jason Davis saw the need for a data layer accessible to marketing while working at Etsy, which acquired his first startup Adtuitive, an automated ad tool for small businesses, in 2009.

He wanted to enable marketing teams to directly access their data in the same way as IT, analytics and business intelligence teams.

“For nontechnical stakeholders, working with IT to get data is hard,” Davis said. “Accessing data is hard.”

Simon Data’s customer base skews toward companies with heavy digital footprints – though many operate in other channels, including brick-and-mortar stores. Customers include Peloton, Casper, BarkBox, OpenTable and ASOS.

The company just raised a $30 million Series C round to add marketing fuel to its tech – although the CDP category is already apparently overflowing with requests

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